Long-Term Care Staffing Services

Leading Staffing Agency In South Bend And Surrounding Areas

We’re more than a staffing firm. We’re committed to excellence in connecting qualified individuals with long-term medical facilities. Staff In Time believes that the best staffing services stem from relationships

Our Objectives

Improve the quality of services delivered to LTC communities
Improve the quality of life of those who work within those communities

Our Staffing Process

Staff In Time devotes time and attention to detail when staffing long-term care facilities. We act as a resource to long-term healthcare facilities, keeping the lines of communication open to ensure we’re available to fill staffing needs at any time.
Secondly, we have a stringent vetting process for candidates, allowing us to match employers with the ideal candidates. Our personalized attention provides the best fit for both the facility and the candidate. When interviewing potential candidates we take into account educational background, relevant work experience, personality and temperament, professional goals and more to best accommodate each applicant

Facilities In Need Of Quality Staff

Long-term healthcare facilities certainly focus a good percentage of time on staffing, but weeding through stacks of applicants can be a distraction from more pressing decision-making. Let the experienced team at Staff In Time handle the sourcing for you.

If your healthcare facility is experiencing understaffing, it’s inevitable that even the best staff will become burnt out. For you to take care of your employees you need to feel comfortable that your staffing numbers are appropriate and safe. Allow Staff In Time to find the best candidates to round out your team and keep your employees healthy and happy.

Similarly, if you find your staff turnover rate increasing, you’re paying too much in overtime, or you’re finding yourself spending more and more time on staffing issues, turn to Staff In Time for your long-term care facility staffing solutions today